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The OPHA is a not‐for‐profit member‐based association that provides leadership in advancing public health in Ontario. Our Association represents six public and community health disciplines and our membership represents many public health and community health professionals from Ontario. To learn more about us, our structure, strategic direction, or membership, please visit the following links:

The OPHA provides leadership on issues affecting the public's health and works to strengthen the impact of people who are active in public and community health throughout Ontario. For more information, please visit the following pages:

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The OPHA leads the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships. Learn more about our Constituent Societies here.

The OPHA leads the development of expertise in public and community health through collaboration, consultation and partnerships. Learn more about our Constituent Societies here.

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The Alcohol Workgroup was created in 2002 to develop policy positions on Alcohol issues for the OPHA and to advocate for alcohol policy development on the provincial and community levels. Today, the Alcohol Workgroup keeps public health units abreast of current alcohol issues by monitoring the social and political landscape, communicating actively with stakeholders and responding to requests for information on Ontario government legislation, consultation and policy issues.

The Workgroup also maintains a multi-sectoral group of experts to respond to alcohol issues and works proactively to increase OPHA’s collective capacity with its of key stakeholders to respond to alcohol issues.


On an on-going basis OPHA’s Alcohol Workgroup engages in a variety of activities designed to:

  • Seek opportunities for OPHA to participate in advocacy with respect to alcohol, at both the provincial and federal levels;
  • Provide information and recommendations to the public health field so that health units can also take advocacy positions: and
  • In concert with the Alcohol Policy Network, keep the importance of alcohol use and its impact “on the agenda” in public health and at government levels.

Recent Accomplishments

Alcohol Related OPHA News Articles 

Jan 14 - Alcohol pricing promotes a culture of moderation

Feb 11 - OPHA influencing Alcohol Policy

Mar 10 - The Chief Public Health Officer's Report on the State of Public Health in Canada, 2015: Alcohol Consumption in Canada

Apr 7 - Alcohol forum

May 5 - The Power of Persuasion: How does alcohol marketing affect youth?
May 19 - OPHA’s presentation to the Alcohol Policy Forum on why Ontario needs an Alcohol Strategy.

Jun 16 - Rethink Your Drinking
Jun 22 - Consistent Application and Enforcement of Sandy’s Law
Jun 30 - Update on recent developments in alcohol sales
Jul 20 - Letter to Ministry of Finance on provincial increases to alcohol pricing
Jul 28 - Increasing alcohol access through LCBO online sales and delivery
Jul 28 - Seasonal Trends in Alcohol Consumption

Aug 26 - Alcohol & Cancer

Sept 8 - FASD Prevention


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Join our Workgroup

Interested in getting involved or finding out more what we do? Send us an email at admin@opha.on.ca.

The Mission & Mandate

The Alcohol Workgroup’s mission is to strengthen the public health voice regarding alcohol policy. The cornerstones of healthy public policy related to alcohol are:

  • Effective controls on alcohol: Controls on the physical, economic and social availability of alcohol are not only good for public health, they are good for public finances.
  • Supportive environments: Policies, programs and other initiatives should strive to build self-esteem; promote healthy living; strengthen the ability of individuals; families and communities to care for one another; and help prevent and reduce alcohol related harm.
  • Inclusive decision making: Policy discussions should acknowledge the unique health and social consequences of alcohol consumption, as well as the economic impact in the province. Current and future decisions need to be made in an environment that welcomes public discussion, considers a wide range of community groups and facilitates the development of policies that enhance public health and safety.”



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